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October 29, 2010 2 Comments by admin

So, is there any final decisions on the proposed round about next to Clover Hill estate???

Can anyone read the RTA’s mind???


  1. Steve Fizzell
    10 years ago

    Round abount next to Clover Hill is the least of the problems facing Clover Hill residents. Under Option 2 there will be NO noise mound or noise wall. With the highway being raised to almost the same level as the existing cutting height the noise levels with only increase.
    11 houses backing onto the highway at Clover Hill have already been listed by the RMS (RTA) as acute receivers latest readings done in Feb 2011 indicate levels between 60-80 dbs.
    The other good news from all Options is that after the new highway is completed the old highway will be handed to Byron Council to maintain.
    I hope the dangerous goods trucks, that must travel the old highway , can negotiate the pot holes.
    Lots of issues that most people are not aware of.


    • Simon
      10 years ago

      There is no final decision yet, why don’t you have a read of the minutes taken from the recent community information sessions to see where its up to. I personnally would have liked a full interchange but the vocal minority got their way.

      The noise mound is proposed for all options and will result in a halving of the current noise levels for the residents that back onto the exisitng highway (Clover Hill). Great news for them as when they bought there about 10years ago they didn’t seem to be aware how noisy it was?



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