Save the Bangalow Bowling Club!

November 23, 2011 3 Comments by admin

This is a call to arms for all bangalow residents…

The Bangalow Bowling Club “the bowlo” is in a “bit of a pickle” financially and would like the community to pull together and save such a town icon.

If you have any skills or materials that you think might be of assistance they would love your input.

From professional to building to volunteers, any help would be appreciated.

Please call (02) 6687 1235 to discuss how you can help save such an institution.


  1. Sandra
    10 years ago

    When will they be appointing permanent caterers.

    We submitted quite some time ago and tenders were being accepted well past the close date.

    They have temporary caterers in at the moment – which should they apply for the permanent caterers position – is unfair that they are in there.

    How does one go about becoming a temporary caterer in there.

    I have been in this industry for over 20 years and have never come acrss a bunch of incompetent and unprofessional board.

    Get your act together.


    • Mel Manar
      10 years ago

      The appointment of a permanent caterer is a critically important decision for the Club. The Board of Directors will not be bullied, by a disgruntled tenderer, into making a hasty and ill-considered decision. Indeed, such tenderer harassment may be considered an attempt to unduly influence the tendering process and may result in the automatic disqualification from further consideration, of the offending party’s tender.

      Three different temporary caterers have assisted the Club with interim catering arrangements during the two months since the re-opening of the Club. Others offered their services but were not required. The Board is very grateful for those offers of assistance in a time of uncertainty following the departure of the Voluntary Administrator. Each of the temporary caterers appointed offered their services in the full understanding that there was no offer, either expressly or implied, of any permanent appointment. They were each invited to submit a tender for permanent appointment, but were advised that their tender would not receive any preferential consideration arising from their temporary appointment.

      The appointment of the permanent caterer is and must be independent of the temporary catering arrangements. A tendering process has been established and implemented. Tenders were invited through advertisements in local and regional press, nominating a closing date for submissions. Tenderers were clearly advised what to submit, and were provided with details of the tender evaluation and scoring methodology to be adopted by the Tender Evaluation Panel (TRP) appointed by the Board. Tenders are now being reviewed and assessed by the TRP. Some clarification of submitted proposals has been necessary. The TRP is expected to make a recommendation to the Board for appointment of a Caterer on completion of their review and not before. If the TRP forms the view that no suitable tenders have been submitted and makes such recommendation to the Board, the Board may determine not to accept any tenders and either recall tenders or enter into negotiations with one or more parties to fill the position of Caterer.

      Unsuccessful Tenderers may seek feedback on their individual proposals, but not on other tenders submitted, following award of the contract. No further correspondence will be entered into.

      Brian Mackney
      Bangalow Bowling & Sports Club Limited


  2. Big Ron
    10 years ago

    I ate there a number of times and all times the food was shite.
    Please pass this feedback onto your new caterers.

    What a major letdown the save the bo wling club campaign has been. The level of unprofessionalism regarding the appointment of the kitchen is disturbing and should be a major concern for all involved in digging into their pockets to save this much loved community club.

    If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of speaking with the new ClubPresident Brian Mackney you will probably agree that he is rude, obnoxious and extremely patronising to deal with.

    Brian’s appointment of Mel Manar as the event co-ordinator needs an explanation.

    Ms Manar claims to have been the events co-ordinator for the byron bay film festival on her LINKED IN site… HA… try a freelance writer.

    Here is the link to the film festival programme:

    Here is a link to her LINKEDIN profile detailing her position as Events Co-ordinator for the Byron Bay Film Festival.

    She has little to no marketing experience and relies solely on using other people’s ideas as her own. I for one am boycotting the bowlo until Brian resigns and takes Mel with him. Apologies for the rant but I am an ex board member who has had a gutful of Brian’s tyrannical ways.

    I just want to put it out there that the process for the catering contract was not an open and unbiased one. Brian set out to keep the one proposal that would have established the bowlo as a true community space.

    Shame on you Brian, for robbing the community of this great venture.

    Rest assured that I will be voicing my concerns to anyone who will listen and please know that I am not alone.

    Two of your senior staff members have been known to discredit you and have voiced their trepidation with the process. It appears the left arm doesn’t know what the right arm is doing.

    How the hell did you get there in the first place? I cannot recall a meeting of any type where we voted for you!!


    Finally – Ah my sister, my sister: if you are reading this. Have courage and strength… we the community are here to support you.



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